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Women of 1915

Posted on 25/09/2014
An Overview The approaching 100th anniversary of W.W.I and the Armenian Genocide of 1915, offers an ample opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the Armenian women while recognizing the humanitarian assistance extended by American and European women activists who flocked to war-ravaged Ottoman Empire to empower the surviving women to become the pillars of war-torn, post-Genocide societies. Although countless film projects have explored the topic of the Armenian Genocide none have primarily focused on unveiling the role of the Armenian women of the era. Women of 1915 will be the first such documentary to highlight the integral role the Armenian women played ...
Orphans of the Genocide

Orphans of the Genocide

Posted on 25/08/2014
Orphans of the Genocide is an emotional visual journey through never-before-seen archival footage and discovered memoirs of orphans who lived through the last century’s first, fully documented and least recognized Armenian Genocide of 1915. The documentary follows Maurice Missak Kelechian whose research findings unveil the site of an Armenian orphanage located at the present day Antoura College near Beirut, Lebanon where 1,000 Armenian Genocide Orphans had lived and were forcefully converted and “Turkified” during W.W. I. In addition to the Antoura site, the documentary unveils numerous other orphanages where Armenian orphans were housed – and profiles one orphan girl who ...
komitas hayrig

Komitas Hayrig

Posted on 27/11/2012
During WWI the impact of the Ottoman atrocities on the Armenian people was overwhelming. Over 1.5 million Ottoman citizens of armenian descent were raped, tortured, killed or deported marking the First Genocide of the Twentieth Century also known as The Armenian Genocide. This is the story of two beloved armenian clergymen, Komitas Vartabed and Khirimian Hayrig, who were directly impacted by the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Turks. A Telly Award winning documentary.
the wall of the Genocide

The Wall of the Genocide

Posted on 27/08/2012
A poetic presentation of Armenian History from the day Noah's Ark rested on Mount Ararat to January 19, 2007 when Hrant Dink was brutally murdered in Turkey. Another Telly winner.